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Helping you on your way to happiness is what I love to do!

Officiating Services

For your wedding, vow renewal, commitment ceremony, and many other types of ceremonies. With over 13 years of experience, I understand that your event is a reflection of who you are as a couple, and I work hard to make sure your ceremony fits your vision. I believe that love comes in many forms and I value partnerships of all kinds. It is my honor to provide services for all.

Custom Beaded Veils

I have over 20 years experience making hand-beaded crafts. Together we can create just the right look for you. Whether I am making something from scratch, embellishing an existing veil, or finding a way to modify a family heirloom, I take pride in producing a quality accessory that fits your style and your budget.

Wellness Support

We all want to be happy - that's a given. But sometimes we get lost on our way there, or we have trouble rediscovering what we once had. Our lives are complex and multifaceted. I will take the time to explore with you each of those facets, and use a tailored, holistic approach in finding your solution to a well and balanced mind, body and spirit.

Officiating Pricing

Ceremony - $200

Rehearsal fee - $100

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Veil Pricing

Single-row Beaded Edging*:

Knee length or shorter - $100

Waltz length or longer - $150

Additional layers - $30

All-over Single Bead, Pearl, or Rhinestone*:

Knee length or shorter - $200

Waltz length or longer - $300

Additional layers - $50

Specialty Designs or Fringe*:

Pricing to be discussed at design session.

Supply fee charged before beginning any veil; remainder due upon delivery. Charges may be more for specialty pearls, stones, or beads you request.

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Wellness Support Pricing

Overview Consultation (1-2 hours) - $150

Additional Sessions - $75

* All Wellness clients will be sent a short questionnaire to complete and return before our first consultation.

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